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Český Krumlov

Length 33 km Duration 2 Days


How to get to the starting point

From Prague, get to Český Krumlov by car, bus, or train (changing trains at České Budějovice).

1. Chateau Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov Chateau is the first and most important site on the list, no matter the historical period you came into town to see. The entire chateau is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and ranks among the best historic monuments in the Czech Republic. Chateau life in the Baroque period is the focus of Guided Tour I, which includes the interiors of the Schwarzenberg Baroque Wing from the 18th century, complete with the original furnishings. The tour ends in the magnificent Rococo Carnival Hall.

2. The Baroque Theatre

One of the best-preserved Baroque theatres in the world, with the original theatre building, orchestra pit, stage and stage machinery, including hundreds of theatre costumes, accessories, decorations and scenes, as well as lighting fixtures, librettos, etc. The scale of the Krumlov theatre is only comparable to the King's Theatre in Drottningholm by Stockholm, from 1766.

Opening times – Chateau

Guided Tour 1
Duration: 55 minutes
maximum participants: 45
Opening times – Theatre
Guided tour: 45 minutes
maximum participants: 20
May 1 to October 31

KrumlovAleš Motejl

The Baroque TheatreLibor Sváček

The annual Baroque Arts Festival highlights the lost arts of Baroque music, dance and singing. It is aimed at providing the most authentic experience to its visitors – the artists specialise in all details of period interpretation. Musicians, for instance, play authentic instruments using Baroque techniques and tune them using period methods. Arrangements for concerts and plays follow period interpretations of authentic music.

Monasteries in Český KrumlovMartin Hrdlička archiv Rytířského řádu Křižovníků s červenou hvězdou

Church of the Body of Christ and of the Virgin MaryMartin Hrdlička archiv Rytířského řádu Křižovníků s červenou hvězdou

St. Wolfgang ChapelMartin Hrdlička archiv Rytířského řádu Křižovníků s červenou hvězdou

560 m

3. Monasteries in Český Krumlov

The Monastery of Minorites and Clares is the second largest set of building in Krumlov after the chateau. This unique three-part monastery covers almost a fifth of the historic town centre on the slope above a north bend in the river. The monastery was founded in the 14th century and its current Baroque outlook is the result of a 17/18th century remodelling and a recent refurbishment. The buildings now house a cultural and educational centre, with exhibitions and events about monastery life, culture and arts of the period.

See…ie-klasteru/ for more information


4. Church of the Body of Christ and of the Virgin Mary

The early Baroque front facade of the church, with its unique illusion marble paint, has been recently refurbished. The interior contains prime examples of Baroque religious art, including the main and several secondary altars, as well as a Baroque pulpit with scenes from the life of St. Francis and Annunciation to the Virgin Mary.


5. St. Wolfgang Chapel

This originally medieval chapel was used as the chapterhouse for the Minorite Monastery and later, from the 16th century, also as a chapel for Krumlov's pottery guild members. Fragments of late Gothic wall paintings with scenes from the life of St. Christopher and St. Francis are accompanied by Baroque depictions from the life of the chapel's patron by Jan Václav Tschöpper.

Opening times and events:

800 m

6. The Svornosti Square

The plague column

The column was built between 1714 and 1716 at the site of an older stone fountain in gratitude for the end of a plague epidemic in the town. This is reflected in the sculptures depicting patrons protecting against plague.

The Svornosti Square Libor Sváček

Egon Schiele's Garden StudioLibor Sváček

518 m

7. Egon Schiele's Garden Studio

One of Krumlov's notable guests, painter Egon Schiele, used to live in an inconspicuous house from late 17th century on the terraces of the river bank. He produced sketches for some of his famous paintings – Town on Blue River, Dead Town, or Krumlov by Night – while there.

2 km

8. Chateau Gardens

The Chateau Gardens are accessible by a short walk along the river bank, where you can watch canoes negotiating the weir under the Upper castle in the Summer months.

The Baroque Gardens, founded in the second half of the 17th century, form the largest part of the Chateau and consist of four sections: The Nursery Terraces, the Summer Riding Hall Terraces with linden trees, the Lower Terraces and the Upper Garden Terraces with a free garden, a music pavilion, a Rococo Bellarie summer villa and a square chateau pond. If you manage to walk that far, you can watch the water fowl from the shaded benches of the villa.

Chateau GardenAleš Motejl


The surroundings of Český Krumlov offer a number of important historical sites and natural attractions worth staying longer than just a day. Our tip is intended for those travelling by car or renting one locally. If you prefer cycling, you will enjoy the Český Krumlov – Holašovice UNESCO cycling path, which offers unforgettable views of the landscape and a number of historic landmarks along the way.

Dáváte-li přednost jízdě na kole, pak je pro vás připravena z Českého Krumlova do Holašovic značená cyklostezka UNESCO, která vás odmění neopakovatelnými výhledy do kraje a množstvím drobných památek po cestě.…ety-na-kole/

Golden Crown

9,5 km

9. Golden Crown

One of the most-preserved groups of Gothic buildings in Central Europe is hidden in a valley on the left bank of Vltava river under the Kleť mountain. If you want to escape from the hustle of the modern world, the former Cistercian Monastery of Zlatá Koruna is worth a small detour.

One of the three guided tours will present you the history of the monastery and the everyday life of the monks in the 18th century. You will see the Gothic Chapel of Guardian Angels, the monumental Church of Assumption of the Virgin, or a valued Gothic painting of the Golden Crown Madonna – the patron and protector of the monastery.

19 km

10. Holašovice

If you like romantic country settings, you will love Holašovice. This small time-capsule village contains uniquely-preserved 19th century country Baroque buildings protected by UNESCO. The village has around 140 permanent residents, it is not just an empty museum. If you want to find out about country life in the second half of the 19th century, you are in the right place. The village includes several farmhouses complete with granaries, barns, stables and jointure buildings, but also a blacksmith's shop, a public house and a chapel.

Other ‚Farmer Baroque‘ buildings can be found in the surrounding area. If you have time, visit some of the other listed villages. We recommend Dobčice, Záboří, Malé Chrášťany, Plástovice and Vodice. If you prefer natural features, make sure to stop at the Blanský Forest.


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