Chasing the unknown Baroque gems around Pilsen

Pilsner Region (Plass, Mlatz, Maria Teinitz)

Length 35 km Duration 2 Days

Trip planning

The starting point, Plasy Monastery, is just 20 minutes by car from Pilsen. You can also reach it by train or bus, also from Pilsen.

Bicycle rental

There is no bicycle rental in Plasy, but you can rent equipment in Pilsen.

Cyklo ATOM, Sokolovská 74c, 323 00 Plzeň
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If you are not keen on pedaling up hills, you can try an eBike:


Building Trades Heritage CentreArchiv Karlovarského kra­je

1. Plasy Monastery

Genius architect Jan Blazej Santini Aichl was not afraid of any challenge – in Plasy, he built a splendid Cistercian Monastery literally on water. To deal with the unstable subsoil of the Střela river valley, he had his workers bury more than five thousand oak piles and beams and designed a sophisticated water system that controls the amount of water over them so that they are always submerged (otherwise they would rot and the buildings would collapse). Santini also masterfully designed a ventilation and heating system, which can be considered a predecessor of today's central heating systems, and four self-supporting staircases whose elegance continues to fascinate architects to this day.

The monastery in Plasy is closely linked to the personality of Chancellor Clemens Metternich, who purchased the entire estate in 1826. He also had the small Church of St. Wenceslas at the local cemetery rebuilt that year, with a family tomb on the ground level. He was later buried there after his death in 1859. The small church is across the road directly opposite the monastery's cloc­k tower.

2. Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary

Had Jan Blazej Santini implemented his original design for the rebuild of the Plasy Monastery, the Church of the Assumption would be one of the largest sacral buildings in the Czech republic today. Santini originally intended to tear down the existing Roman basilica, which would be a shame by today's standards, since the church is the only representative of the Cistercian style in the country. Its Baroque interior contains the works of the greatest Czech Baroque painters, Karel Škréta and Petr Brandl, as well as a unique organ, which was among the largest in Bohemia in its time, with full 28 stops.

3. Building Trades Heritage Centre

In 2015, the former Cistercian brewery was converted into a museum dedicated to traditional building crafts. It lets you experience the entire process of construction, from design, through building of the walls to installation of light switches and learn lots of interesting information about historical changes in building technology. Jan Blažej Santini would probably be surprised to see how his craft has changed over the years.

3,1 km

4. Church of St. Jacob Greater, Žebnice

A seemingly ordinary rural church with an interesting history, dating back to the 9th century according to the latest archaeological findings. Its present Baroque style was acquired at the end of the 18th century, when it underwent a major rebuild, probably designed by Jan Blažej Santini Aichl. Its interior, restored to its former glory in 2010 thanks to the efforts of local enthusiasts, is also worth a note.

5,6 km

5. Chapel of the Holy Name of. Virgin Mary in Mladotice

A proof that no assignment is too small for a true master. The chapel in Mladotice was fruit of first close cooperation between the brilliant architect Santini and the Abbot of the Cistercian Monastery in Plasy, Eugene Tyttl. Although it is only a small building, Santini used it to express an interesting symbolism referring to the twelve-star star, associated with the cult of the Virgin Mary.

Beer – Plasy Brewery

Sample one or more of the special brews on offer in Plasy Brewery – their names and ingredients reference the times of Metternich.

Rectory in PotvorovArchiv Karlovarského kraje

8,6 km

6. Rectory in Potvorov

Potvorov is a small village with a rare Romanesque church and an exquisite Baroque rectory. It was built in 1758 and its façade bears the Plasy Monastery coat of arms. This was because the local pastor was subordinate to the monastery, which also had its advantages. He received 18 barrels of beer annually from the monastery brewery.

7 km

7. Mariánská Týnice

This pilgrimage site, associated with the Cistercian Monastery in Plasy since the 13th century, was rebuild into monumental Baroque style by Abbot Eugene Tyttl. He invited Jan Blazej Santini Aichl, who was also working on the Plasy Monastery at the time, to design it. The construction took more than 50 years. Today, the site houses Museum and Gallery of the North Pilsen Region, where you can learn about the history of other forgotten Baroque buildings in the area.

Mariánská Týnice Michal Vitásek


Nebílovy Chateau

This undiscovered Baroque pearl of the Pilsen region from 1706 offers many attractions. The castle is connected to the Czernin of Chudenice family and is reminiscent of rural settlements around Vienna – its was co-designed by the Viennese architect Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt, author of Vienna's Belvedere. Its most interesting feature, however, is the ballroom with unusual fresco paintings by Anthony Tuvora. He made the room into a rain forest. The walls are painted with the trunks of giant trees and exotic plants and animals. The ceiling frescoes were damaged and had to be removed (cut into 600 individual pieces) in the 1960's. The entire room was recently refurbished to its former glory. The chateau's interiors also contain the oldest Baroque still lives in Central Europe by German painter Gottfried Libalt.

If you want to enjoy a bit of nature around Nebílov, use the Nebílov educational trail. This less than six kilometre-long circuit will take you to the picturesque Baroque Church of St. James the Greater in Prusiny, or the St. Barbara healing spring.

Nebílovy Chateau Michal Vitásek

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